1,000 Gifts

51.  answered prayers
52.  seminary food give-away – so many blessings!
53.  holding a brand new baby and getting a teeny tiny smile
54.  God supplies all our needs
55.  God is never late
56.  connections with fellow music teachers
57.  chilly evenings
58.  an evening of peppermint tea, the 5 Browns, and piano planning
59.  God’s changing work in lives


1,000 Gifts

41.  sanctification
42.  learning from Titus 2 women
43.  the gift of music to worship my God
44.  a sweet, blue-eyed baby girl calling my “Emmy”
45.  holding my man’s strong hand
46.  free bread
47.  God’s strength to endure the long week
48.  rest
49.  crunchy leaves beneath my feet
50.  “in whatever state I am…to be…content

I am truly blessed!

1,000 Gifts

31.  beautiful fall colors
32.  pumpkin buttercream candle
33.  2 more piano students
34.  good deals at a thrift store
35.  finishing “The Power of a Praying Wife”
36.  His mercy and His all sufficient grace
37.  free autumn subway art
38.  game and pizza night with new friends
39.  dinner and movie date with my hubs
40.  a projected week of learning and growing in a seminary block course

Do you ever get in that day to day rutt, where you’re just existing?  Me too.  How about counting your gifts and standing in awe of the multitude of blessings that you have been given…praise your Heavenly Father!

1,000 Gifts



21.  free eggs, tomatoes, and apples from friends
22.  a new prospective piano student
23.  breakfast date at Panera
24.  14th months of marriage
25.  saving 81% on shirts from Lands End
26.  fall weather
27.  answers to prayer in unexpected ways
28.  big blessings at hubby’s work
29.  cinnamon roll pancakes for supper
30.  a week of rest from seminary


What gifts are you thankful for today?

1,000 Gifts

11.   playing on the piano “And can it be that I should gain, an interest in my Savior’s love…”

12.  sitting around the campfire, enjoying the fall weather with friends

13.  more simplifying, organizing and de-cluttering accomplished this week

14.  selling unnecessary items on ebay

15.  the voices and laughter of little friends filling our apartment

16.  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”

17.  a dear friend’s wedding this coming week

18.  a new piano student

19.  pumpkin buttercream Yankee candle scent filling our apartment

20.  Monopoly and pizza date night with my hubs

What gifts are you remembering this week?

1,000 Gifts

How many times does discontentment cloud my vision, blocking my view of the many gifts I possess?  I’m participating in One Thousand Gifts and counting my multitude of gifts every Monday.  Some of my gifts will be very simple…as I am challenged to thank my mercifully gracious Lord for even the smallest gifts in my life.

1.  my incredible salvation!

2.  finishing an encouraging book

3.  root beer floats at home on Friday night

4.  God’s provision of a job for hubby

5.  marriage to an wonderful man

6.  fellowship with like-minded friends

7.  beautiful music filling our home

8.  reflecting on “And Can it Be” during worship on Sunday

9.  the beauty of God’s creation

10.  the promise of visiting family next month

Who will join me in reflecting on the thousands of gifts we have been mercifully been given by our bountiful Heavenly Father?