Frugal Finds Friday

Great deals on meat and other groceries this week at Rainbow!¬† ūüôā¬† I was shopping for 2 extra, and very special people this week, so I spent more than I ordinarily would for just Jared and I.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts:¬† On sale for $1.99 a lb…paid $5.50

Chicken thighs:¬† On sale for $0.69 a lb…paid $3.19

Ground Beef:¬† On sale for $1.96 a lb…paid $5.88

Apples:¬† On sale for $0.99 a lb…paid $3.68

Celery:  On sale for $0.98

Carrots:  On sale for $0.49

Cilantro:  $0.79

Broccoli:  On sale for $1.69 each

Organic Girl salad mixes:¬† Originally $3.99, on sale for BOGO…paid $1.98 each.

Frozen Corn:¬† Originally $1.75, on sale for $1.00, used a $0.35/1 coupon…paid $0.65.

Sour Cream:  Originally $2.69, on sale for $1.50.

Cottage Cheese:  Originally $2.99, on sale for $1.98.

Land O’Lakes half & half:¬† $1.84, used a $0.50/1 coupon that doubled…paid $0.84.

Tortillas:  $1.59

Sargento sliced cheese:¬† Originally $3.99, on sale for $3.00, used a $0.55/1 coupon that doubled…paid $1.90.

Orange jello:  $0.79

Kidney beans:  $0.99

Pretzels:  $2.55

Dole canned pineapple:  $1.59, used a $0.75/1 coupon that doubled and paid $0.09.

Old Orchard cranberry juice:¬† Originally $2.87 each, on sale for $2.29 each, used a $1/1 coupon that doubled…paid $0.29 each.

Dr Pepper Ten:  $1.66, used a free product coupon and it became FREE.

Total OOP:  $42.33
Total Saved:¬† $34.36 … … … … …that’s 45%

I also ran to Jubilee for cheese ($1.70 a bag-woohoo!!!), lunch meat, cream cheese, and butter.  I spent $12.00.


Frugal Finds Friday

I took a week off from couponing, due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling¬†well and I had¬†most meal ingredients on hand already.¬† I planned on just purchasing a few essentials from Jubilee,¬†the grocery store across the road from our apartment.¬† While I was in Jubilee, I found some good sales…including cheese…yay!

16 oz bags of cheese:¬† $3.49 each….or $1.75 for 8 oz (not perfect, but a lot better than I have been paying!)
Butter:¬† $3.34¬†(I know, yikes!¬† But, I refuse to buy margarine even¬†if butter’s not on sale)
Half & Half:  $1.69
1 dozen eggs:  $1.31
Kemps sour cream:  $2.65
Frozen vegetables:  $1.00
Steak (yum ;)):  $3.79
Braeburn apples:¬† $0.99 a lb…paid $3.47
Lettuce:  FREE (with $15 purchase)
Total OOP:  $27.67

I also ran into Rainbow for 3 cans of cream soups, a pack of chicken breasts, ginger ale, carrots, and celery.  I spent $12 at Rainbow. 

So, even though I didn’t coupon, I still spent within our weekly budget and found some good deals.¬† Sometimes, couponing isn’t always possible…and that’s ok!¬† You just have to work with what you can!

Frugal Finds Friday

I did a good bit of shopping this week.¬† At Rainbow I bought a Brita filter, Pyrex dish, and batteries¬†which didn’t come out of our grocery/personal care budget, so my grocery total was actually lower than what I spent.

Transaction #1:
Riceland Brown Rice:¬† Originally $1.45, on sale for $1.30…used a $0.50/1 newspaper insert coupon that doubled and paid $0.30.

CoffeeMate Natural Coffee Creamer:¬† Originally $2.69, on sale for $2.50…used a $1/1 printable coupon that doubled and paid $0.50.

Hidden Valley dressings:¬† Originally $3.75 each, on sale for $3.00 each.¬† Used a $1/1 newspaper insert coupon that doubled and an awesome “Save $1 on produce when you buy 2 Hidden Valley dressings” coupon that doubled.
Celery:  Originally $1.49, on sale for $0.99
Onions  $0.98.
Final Price for Dressing and Produce:  Paid $3.97 for bundle, or $0.99 each.

Brita water filter:¬† Originally $17.79, on sale for $14.23…used a $4/1 newspaper insert¬†coupon and paid $10.23.¬† Also received a $3 catalina that I used on my next transaction.

Edge shaving cream:¬† $2.49…used a $0.75/1 newspaper insert coupon that doubled and paid $0.99.

Total OOP:  $17.14
Total saved:¬† $18.41… … … … …that’s¬†52%

Transaction #2:
Mrs. Dash Chipotle Blend:¬† Originally $2.85, on sale for $2.50…used a printable $1/1 coupon that doubled and paid $0.50.

Ortega salsa and taco seasoning packet:¬† $2.78 and $0.89 each…used a printable $1/1 coupon that doubled and paid $1.67 for both, or $0.84 each.

Old Orchard Cranberry Juice:¬† Originally $2.95 each, on sale for $2.69 each…used printable $1/1 coupons and paid $0.69 each.

Energizer AA batteries:¬† Originally $6.79, on sale for $5.99…used a $3/1 printable coupon that doubled and paid $2.99.

Pyrex dish (Well, I totally thought I picked up the $3.79 piece, but I didn’t…and I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of returning it.):¬† Originally $8.99, on sale for $6.74…used a $1/1 newspaper insert coupon that doubled and paid $4.74.

Pantene shampoo:¬† $3.50…used a FREE product coupon and it became FREE.

Roundy’s cheese:¬† Originally $3.09 each, on sale for $2.50 each.¬† (Dear Cheese, Please go on sale!¬† Love, Emily)

Roundy’s milk:¬† $2.85 (I forgot to hand my cashier the milk coupon that would have made it $2.49…boo-hoo!)

Used my $3 catalina for this transaction.

Total OOP:  $17.23
Total saved:¬† $24.99… … … … …that’s 59%


I ran into Target for some cheap bagels and ended up picking up my favorite Silk Vanilla Soy Milk as well!  I spent $3.22 and saved $2.25!


I also grabbed a few essentials at ALDI and spent $14.20.

So….did you find any good deals this week?

VLOG: My Stockpile

I thought I’d take a post to¬†give you a peek at my grocery and personal care stockpile.¬† Instead of a normal post, I’m trying my hand at a VLOG!

If you’re not familiar with stockpiling, it’s simply the idea of buying things ahead¬†on sale or when they’re free and storing them until you use them.¬† Instead of waiting until I run out of shampoo and paying $3-$5 for a bottle, I “buy” it free or under $1 when it’s on sale.

Since TLC began airing their “reality” show Extreme Couponing, many people have gotten a very¬†unrealistic and crazy view of couponing and stockpiling.¬† (No offense if you enjoy the show…and I do admit to watching it…BUT, it’s a tv show folks, not reality ūüėČ )

My stockpile isn’t stacked miles high in my shower or stuffed under my bed, but we do have a closet full of¬†items which I purchased free or at¬†my rock bottom price.

I try to¬†be reasonable about buying ahead and stockpiling.¬† I don’t buy things that we won’t use, or that will expire before we get to them.¬† Other things, are available to give away to others who may need them.

Here you go…

A couple quick tips on stockpiling:¬† #1¬† Only buy what you will use in a reasonable amount of time (or give away).¬† #2¬† Know your rock bottom prices and only stockpile at that price, or when the item is free.¬†(ie:¬† Just because something is “on sale” doesn’t necessarily¬†mean it’s time to stockpile.)¬†

I’d love to know your thoughts on stockpiling and hear what works for your family!

Frugal Finds Friday

I didn’t do too much couponing or normal grocery shopping¬†this week since we’ll be¬†mostly eating from the freezer. ¬†I¬†spent $10 on¬†produce and¬†a few other things at Cub Foods.¬† I¬†also found a few good deals at CVS.¬†

Here’s what I found at CVS:

Canada Dry ginger ale¬†We don’t normally buy soda, but we do buy ginger ale when we’re sick…why not buy it on sale? ūüôā¬† Originally $1.87, on sale for $0.88.

Land O’Lakes gallons of milk:¬† Originally $3.49 each, on sale for $2.19 each.

Renu Sensitive contact solution:¬† Originally $9.99, on sale for $8.99…received $7 ECB for buying, which is like paying $1.99.

Total cash OOP:  $9.96
ECB used:  $5.00
ECB earned:  $7.00

Fall Mantle Wanna-Be

I love fireplaces, and I love decorated mantles!¬† But, we don’t have either right now…so, I pretend that my piano is a mantle, and I love decorating it!

Here’s my simple¬†fall vignette:

My adorable “In everything give thanks” print:

You’ve already seen the book page “pumpkin”, errrr “apple”:

I made a “Give Thanks” banner using just my printer, scrapbook paper, and twine:

I love the fall feeling it has!


And just for fun,¬†here’s a quick peak at¬†a corner of my kitchen counter complete with a free printable:

Free Fall Printables

Myra over at My Blessed Life rounded up 12 amazing autumn themed printables!¬† I *love* subway art, and you just can’t go wrong with free printables.¬† One of these just might be what you need to spark some inspiration for fall decorating…

Roundup of Free Fall Printables.

I’ll be posting pictures of my updated fall decorating soon; in the mean time…are you working on any fall decorating?¬† I’d love to see pictures!¬†