Fridge Makeover

This post has been in the works for awhile, and I’m just now getting around to finishing and publishing it!  Many apologies…

You know how the outside of your fridge gets cluttered?  So many cute photos, honey-do lists, important dates to remember, magnets…and on it goes.  I really wanted a clean-cut look to the fridge…so I ran with this idea I found on pinterest…

Now I have my calendar in a cute frame, and all those pictures in matching frames!  No more clutter, very clean cut, and super cute!  🙂

And the top of the fridge?  Well, I’m in love with that too.  I’m enjoying the fall pumpkin theme alongside the bright yellow pitcher…keeping things both seasonal and cheery!  The wooden crate/basket is great for stashing things in like the candle lighter, pizza menu, and any other random things that might need a home in the kitchen!  🙂

Anyone else have any tips on how to keep your fridge doors clutter-free?


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